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Searching for Titus 2-Part 2

Last week, we looked at the first six qualities listed in Titus 2 for older women. If you missed it, please go back and read Part 1.

Here are the last five qualities that should define the older women mentioned in Titus 2.

The older women are to be:

  • sensible-these women are wise.  They are practical.  They make good decisions and do not do things that would endanger their marriage or their children.  They are not foolish. They sensibly run their households and manage their time.
  • pure-these women encourage younger women to remain pure. They show them in both word and deed how to remain pure in a world that is filled with impurities. This purity extends far beyond remaining pure within their marriage.  They are pure in their dress, words, and actions. They are not flaunting their curves, flirtatious with other men, or trying to present an “available” persona online.
  • workers at home-these women encourage the younger women in their work at home.  This does not mean that woman cannot work outside the home. The Proverbs 31 woman did, as did Lydia in the New Testament.  But, it does mean, that they are not out galavanting all over the place, seeking only their own pleasures and entertainment.  They aren’t out “running the roads” all the time instead of tending to the things that need to be done to keep the home running smoothly. If a woman does have a career or job outside the home, those responsibilities should not be put ahead of her marriage and family.
  • kind-Do women need to be taught to be kind?  Actually, yes, some women do.  Take a look at the comments women make about each other, their husbands, and their children.  Some women are not naturally kind, and must learn kindness in order to unselfishly serve the people God has put into her care. As a woman has grown in her Christian walk, she should also have grown in kindness.
  • subject to their own husbands-Older women should encourage and teach younger women to submit to their own husbands.  If a younger woman was seeking advice about an issue she is facing with her husband, the older woman might say, “Well, what does your husband think about this?  What would he want you to do in the situation?” The older woman should always respect the marriage union and encourage the younger woman to fight FOR her marriage, not against it. She should never drive a wedge between husband and wife, but always encourage the younger woman to submit to her own husband.  This DOES NOT mean that the younger woman has to submit to any husband; she is to submit to her own.  Not only is this a behavior the older woman should encourage, it is a behavior that she should model as well.

You know what?  You may look at these two lists, and think, “Hmmm…..there is no way I will ever find the woman who possesses all these qualities!”

You’re right. You won’t. None of us are perfect.  We all sin and fail.

But, may I encourage you? Start looking for those women who are striving towards these qualities.  There you will find the Titus 2 women.

All of these things are to be done so that the word of God will not be dishonored.  He is SO GOOD to us to spell out guidelines on how we can live, encourage, and spur one another along in our walk with Him.

In the comments, which of these qualities do you find hardest to live out?  Are you actively seeking a Titus 2 woman in your life?  Why or why not?

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