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I Don’t “Wear My Faith” to be Politically Incorrect

“Wearing your faith” is all the rage right now.  Stores and boutiques are filled with everything from car decals to jewelry and tee-shirts, all advertising your faith.  I see no problem with this.  In fact, I own many shirts and pieces of jewelry that identify me as a Christian.  I think it is good to show others around you in whom you believe.

But, a recent encounter with a stranger made me start questioning what others see when we “wear our faith.”

I was shopping with my two daughters and was wearing this shirt:

As I rounded an aisle, an older lady looked at me and said, “I like your politically incorrect shirt.”

I just looked at her, not knowing how to respond.

She followed it up with, “More of us need to do that.”

I just kind of smiled, nodded, and kept walking.

But, it has continually bothered me since that day.

Is that what people see when I wear a shirt that reads, “Follow Jesus”?  Do they honestly think that my purpose for “wearing my faith” is to be POLITICALLY INCORRECT??

So, it made me truly take a look at my reasons for “wearing my faith.”  And, if you are a person who enjoys wearing inspirational tee-shirts or jewelry, maybe these questions will help you evaluate your reasons for “wearing your faith.”

  • Am I wearing this shirt/jewelry only because it is cute or in fashion at the moment?  Are you only wearing inspirational jewelry or shirts because it is the “flavor of the week”?  Are you only wearing it because you like the colors/patterns/artwork?  Am I wearing it because other people do?  If you are wearing inspirational jewelry or shirts only because they are in fashion, please re-evaluate.  Hear me:  I like cute, colorful shirts, too.  And, my “faith” shirts are most likely going to contain colors and patterns that I like.  But, if I am ONLY wearing them for the style, I am wearing them for the wrong reason.
  • Am I only wearing this shirt/jewelry to make others believe I am a Christian? Am I wearing this shirt or jewelry with the sole intention of trying to convince others that I am a Christian?  Is this a way for me to feel better about myself even when my thoughts, actions, and words are far from Christ-like?  Am I relying on appearances to prove that I am a Christian?  If you are wearing any of these things in order to prove to yourself or others that you are, indeed, a Christian, you need to reconsider.  If your actions and deeds in this life do not match up with those of a Christian, trust me, you are only fooling yourself.
  • Am I wearing this shirt/jewelry to be politically incorrect or start a debate?  It bothers me that anyone would think that I was “wearing my faith” to be politically incorrect.  That was the furthest thing from my mind.  But in our society, where everyone takes offense to every single thing on a daily basis, it is not surprising.  We need to check our motives to see if the things we are putting out into the world are only to start debates.  There is no place for petty squabbles in the life of a Christian.

After evaluating my motives, I discovered that while I enjoy the colors and phrases of this latest style, the WORDS and MESSAGES mean more to me.  My favorite Bible verse in jewelry or on a shirt can serve as a reminder of who I am. It can be a comfort to me.

Jesus paid far too high a price for us to cheaply identify as Christians just to be “fashion forward.”

So, friends, “wear your faith.”  Remember to whom you belong.  Let these inspirational shirts or pieces of jewelry serve as a reminder of who you represent in this world.




***In the comments, do you like to “wear your faith”?  Have you gotten any strange looks or comments when you do?***





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