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How Are Your Roots?

I noticed it several years ago. On a trip home from town, a flash of brilliant white caught my eye. There it stood: a Bradford pear tree exploding with pristine blooms in the midst of a small stand of dreary bare trees and brush. It proudly waved its arms proclaiming, “Spring is just around the… Read More How Are Your Roots?

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When Cancer Calls….

When cancer calls, you answer. Maybe you recognize the number, and you manage to avoid answering the call. But, cancer is persistent. If you hear the call and don’t answer, it will continue calling. It will leave voicemails. It will repeatedly dial your number and cause your phone to ring, until you can’t take it… Read More When Cancer Calls….

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Out of Control

I am a planner.  I always have been.  Planning is not wrong, in and of itself, but flexibility is something I am still trying to learn. Fourteen-and-a-half years ago (almost FIFTEEN!), I had everything all planned out for my son’s impending birth.  I had picked out my doctor, and the plan was to induce me… Read More Out of Control